NEW RELEASE: Dead-Bang Fall

Dead-Bang Fall, the second novel in the Nate Ross series, has been released by Level Best Books/Historia.

Try as he might, private eye Nate Ross can’t seem to stay clear of Hollywood. His latest case, a penny-ante theft caper, turns deadly serious when one of the miscreants is murdered and Nate’s the prime witness. No sooner does L.A.P.D.’s number one suspect – a former friend and disgraced ex-colleague – turn up asking for Nate’s help than he goes on the run again, from both the police and Nate.

Nate’s forced to come to terms with more than one ghost from his past as his struggle to prove his on-the-lam client’s innocence brings him up against hostile cops, a pair of rolling assassins, film pirates, mobsters, and a girl who may need his help or may be playing him for a chump.

Order here, or find it wherever books are sold.

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