Killin' Time in San Diego

Killin' Time in San Diego

Bouchercon Anthology 2023
Published by Down & Out Books
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“Anguished characters and desperate situations coil through this collection of uniquely creative plots—a fabulous anthology.” —Joe Ricker, author of Some Awful Cunning

“Killin’ Time in San Diego is weird, gothic, subtle, illicit, and a riot concocted by crime writers at the top of their game.” —Jay Gertzman, author of Beyond Twisted Sorrow

“Another worthy addition to the Bouchercon legacy. Top writers on top of their game.” —Colin Campbell, author of the Jim Grant Thrillers

“Holly West helms another fine anthology, proving once again that short crime fiction is alive and well…and living in San Diego.” —Josh Pachter, editor of Paranoia Blues

“It’s not enough that San Diego has great beaches, natural attractions, the world’s best climate, and great food and nightlife. No, now San Diego also has this terrific anthology of canny crime fiction by some of the best authors in the business.” —Albert Tucher, author of Blood Like Rain

“A powerhouse anthology boasting stellar talent in top form.” —Tom Mead, author of Death and the Conjuror

“A lively, varied and well-written collection distinguished by sharp characterizations. Revenge and survival, sly cozies and twisty plots all confirm that fabulous weather is no barrier to bad behavior and successful sleuthing in Killin’ Time in San Diego.” —Janice Law, author of the Francis Bacon mysteries

“Killin’ Time in San Diego, a collection of short crime fiction, continues a decade-long tradition of absorbing annual anthologies celebrating the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention.” —J.L. Abramo, Shamus Award-winning author of Circling the Runwayand Gravesend

“Twenty authors present a delightful tapestry of tales that go from touching to twisty to amusing, populating them with a cast of characters you won’t soon forget.” —R.J. Koreto, author of the Historic Homes mysteries

“A criminally rich compendium of San Diego-set mysteries that entertainingly spans the city geographically and throughout its history.” —Andrew Welsh-Huggins, author of the Andy Hayes private eye series and editor of Columbus Noir

“Bookended by two of the strongest stories I've read in a long time, this collection is thoroughly fantastic. Seen through these eyes, San Diego is both more appealing and threatening now.” —Ryan Sayles, author of Like Whitewashed Tombs
Paperback; ebook | 978-1-64396-328-0 | August 30, 2023