Some Gave All

Some Gave All

Forgotten Old West Lawmen Who Died With Their Boots On
Published by Moonlight Mesa Associates
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The names here may not be as familiar or catchy as Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok or Bat Masterson, among the biggest names in Western mythology. But the true grit displayed by the protagonists in Some Gave All should provide enough real-life drama to interest any aficionado and prove that truth played straight can hold up alongside any fiction. - Wild West Magazine

Some of the real-life stories are touching, some sad, and some downright bizarre, but in every case the men behind the badges deserved better than to be consigned to historical footnotes. Though non-fiction, each chapter brims with personality and wild-west action -- shootouts, stabbings, and prisoner escapes. The subsequent courtroom shenanigans provide a great deal of evidence that miscarriages of justice and legal loopholes are nothing new. - Western Fictioneers; Review Roundup

Sanders' subjects are meticulously researched with primary sources; his bibliography lists numerous newspapers, periodicals, census and other public records, court transcripts, and books. His style of story-telling is engaging and accessible, and never dumbed down: hooray for the writer with the courage to use 'pettifogging' when no other word will quite do. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the every-day heroics of the lawmen of the old west. - Henry's Western Round-up

Roster of the Fallen:
Chapter 1
Police Officer Humphrey Symons - Gold Hill, Nevada (1879)

Chapter 2:      
Deputy Sheriff Cassius M. Hollister - Sumner County, Kansas (1884)

Chapter 3:      
United States Marshal Harrison Lee Gosling - Western Dist., Texas (1885)

Chapter 4:      
Detective John William Gilley - Kansas City, Kansas (1889)

Chapter 5:      
Marshal James F. Isbell - Bells, Texas (1891)

Chapter 6:      
Sheriff John Jasper Bogard -Tehama County, California (1895)

Chapter 7:      
Deputies Daniel C. Cameron, Joseph J. Lerri, Charles M. White, George Woodsum
and Constable Gustave Koch - Alameda Co., CA (1898)

Chapter 8:      
Sheriff John Henry Dillingham - Platte County, Missouri (1900)     
Chapter 9:      
Special Agent David Frank Calhoun - ATSF Railway Police, Kansas (1905)      

Chapter 10:     Marshal John Morgan Rennix - New Castle, Colorado (1910)

Paperback | 262 pages | $19.95 USD | 978-1938628238 | November 15, 2013