John WHO?

The article below (and the letter from “An Observer”) from a 1930 Hollywood Filmograph magazine discuss the flak director Raoul Walsh caught for casting an unknown “college boy” as the lead in “The Big Trail.”

Pretty funny in retrospect, considering the career the kid went on to have.

John Wayne as Breck Coleman in "The Big Trail"

John Wayne as Breck Coleman in “The Big Trail”

Hollywood Filmograph, Jan.-June, 1930


1 thought on “John WHO?

  1. Carol Buchanan

    So that’s how John Wayne got his start. Thanks for the post, JR.
    Walsh reminds me of something I’ve been hearing lately, that success is built with failure. Just because Mr. Walsh didn’t do well with one movie for which he selected an unknown, doesn’t mean he would not succeed the next time, or the next, or… Nobody can have hits all the time, right?


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