Mad Doctor Goes on Shooting Spree

On this date in 1900, Sheriff John Henry Dillingham of Platte County, Missouri, was summoned to the sleepy little town of Farley over a case of multiple murder. A local physician named Sterling Price “Sturley” Harrington had gone on a day-long, drug and alcohol fueled killing spree. Taking his ten-year-old daughter along on his bloody errands, the doctor shot and killed his mother-in-law in cold blood, then calmly drove to the home of his wife’s uncle and killed him as well. He drove across the state line into Leavenworth, Kansas, where – apparently with further killing in mind – he resupplied with ammunition and more weapons before returning to Farley.Dillingham - El Paso Daily Herald 8-20-1900

In what was likely part of an addle-brained plan to escape, Harrington tried to rob the town’s general store, and engaged in a point-blank shootout with the store’s clerk. About this time Sheriff Dillingham arrived with a trio of deputies, one of whom was his son, Henry. As the lawmen approached the store, Harrington met the sheriff at the entrance. Shots were exchanged and Sheriff Dillingham was killed instantly. As the murderous doctor fled toward his wagon, Henry Dillingham fired three times and Harrington fell dead in the street.

Twenty-two year old Henry Dillingham was appointed to finish out his father’s term as sheriff. Thirty years later he would also serve as the United States Marshal for the Western District of Missouri

Sheriff John Dillingham’s eventful career, and the tragic events leading up to his death, are detailed in Chapter 8 of Some Gave All.

Dillingham pistol Sheriff John H. Dillingham’s Colt pistol


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    1. J.R. Sanders Post author

      She ended up married and apparently living a fairly normal, uneventful life in Washington state. She died in 1973.

      1. Nancy Harrington

        She was my Great Great Aunt, it was my understanding that she was a concert pianist. How did you know she lived in Washington state? I am from the Kansas City area and I knew she had lived out of town. I was pretty young when she died but have fond memories of a couple of visits she made to family in the area and listening to her play the piano, she played so beautifully, I wish I had, had the change to get to know her better.

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