Who thought this was a good idea?

Stage a head-on train wreck as a publicity stunt, out on the Texas plains, and invite spectators by the thousands to witness it. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty – as Katy Railroad passenger agent William Crush learned on September 15, 1896.

See my Wild West Magazine article on the “Crush Crash” here.

And listen to Scott Joplin’s “Great Crush Collision March” here.



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  1. Jason Manning

    Mr. Sanders hi this is Jason Manning from arkansas an I was reading your article about the last train ride of U.S. marshal Gosling,well I have an interesting family story I want to tell you. It seems my grea great grandfather john manning who moved to New madrid county missouri from where nobody knows wouldn’t even tell his own family where he came from or who his extended family was when his kids would ask what about the rest of our family he would reply its just us. So I’ve been researching john manning for over a year now and it’s hard to find anything on him so I called my great uncle Kenny manning an ask him where I should start looking for john mannings past an Kenny said elpaso texas. So I ask why elpaso texas and Kenny said because of what my great great grandpa Jackson told him, Kenny said grandpa Jackson said that one day him an John Manning were down town portageville missouri in a store when a man walked up to John Manning an said your John Manning of elpaso texas and John replied no I’m not and I don’t know you an you don’t know me. Well grandpa Jackson said John new that man because he called him by name and the way John reacted to the man. After they left the store grandpa Jackson ask John who was that man an John replied never seen him before in my life. So anyway I went to checking out elpaso texas in the 1880s for manning brothers an there was four of them Thad had a little trouble with a U.S. Marshal Dallas an wound up killing him. The brothers were john,James.George.an Frank manning. I have one family picture of John Manning if you’re interested ill email it to u anyway if there’s anyway u can help me put this together it would be greatly appreciated, get in touch.
    Thanks Jason Manning


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